YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Trending Videos Tab (5/7)

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YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Trending Videos Tab (5/7)

YouTube Algorithm 2018 Playlist Series – Trending Videos Tab // Hacking The YouTube Trending Videos section can have a huge affect on the YouTube Search Algorithm and How To Grow RAPIDLY on YouTube in 2018. YouTube curates a list of the most relevant and popular videos by engagement, view velocity and view location into a powerful Trending Tab.

Getting on the YouTube Trending Tab is not something you can can learn from YouTube Tips and YouTube Hacks videos. The Trending Tab is the top 1% of the sites viral content for the last 24-48 hours. This normally includes top level creators, movie trailers, music videos and topical content.

The YouTube Algorithm is used of the spine of this feature to calculate a videos virality, its reach and in what locations to surface content. The YouTube Trending Tab is not based on the most viewed video of that day but the most shared, engaged and relevant.

The Trending Tab also have a manually curated section for Creator On The Rise and Artist On The Rise. This is a way for YouTube to champion emerging talents with smaller audiences. You need to have 1000+ subscribers to stand a chance of being selected.

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