YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Subscribers (6/7)

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YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Subscribers (6/7)

YouTube Algorithm 2018 Playlist Series – YouTube Subscribers 2018 // Getting subscribers in 2018 is the core focus of many new youtubers in 2018 but do they understand the power of YouTube subscribers in the 2018 YouTube Algorithm?

YouTube uses the initial reactions to a newly published video as a way to ranking your video in the search and discovery algorithm. Getting more youtube subscribers in 2018 to watch your videos in the first 24-48 hours shows youtube how engaging that video is and how likely it is to retain viewers. Not only how long they watch that video but how long they stay on YouTube in general.

To get noticed on YouTube search results in 2018 its not about how to gain subscribers fast but how to get your subscribers to be active, engaged and actively sharing, commenting and communicating your videos to friends, family or more importantly YouTube.

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