Vlogmas, VEDA & Daily Vlogging

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Vlogmas, VEDA & Daily Vlogging

YouTube Tips channels often talk about Vlogmas for Christmas, VEDA and Daily Vloggers. Vlogmas is VEDA at christmas time and is the idea of vlogging daily on a theme. For example I could do YouTube Tips 2018 for Vlogmas or the 30 YouTube Tips for VEDA. But what is VEDA Vlogmas and why should you try it?

Vlogmas and VEDA sets the challenge to vlog every day in a set month and can be a great way to set routine into your youtube videos. Knowing you have to make videos every day can also improve your bulk recording skills and editing skills with practice.

VEDA PLAYLIST – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsZYoN56OoY&list=PLkr-iiDw_ZbygBXFvnzM9r_UlY1Vt7jde


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