Should I Join An MCN? What Is A Multi Channel Network (MCN)?

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Should I Join An MCN? What Is A Multi Channel Network (MCN)?

What Is An MCN? Should I Join An Multi Channel Network (MCN)? How to Join and MCN? YouTube MCNs are a collection of youtube content creators groups together to help trade knowledge and potentially increase bargaining power. Are there benefits of joining an mcn? YouTube Tips and Tricks channels tend to shy away from MCNs but I thought I would explain What Is An MCN and Should I Join An MCN? As well as my own personal experiences of dealing with YouTube MCNs and being solo without an MCN.

Multi Channel Networks or MCNs have been around for a long time. Initially they had the upper hand in helping with the YouTube Verified and YouTube Adwords and Partnership programmes. They would bundle channels together and offer extras that have become commonplace today such as Custom Thumbnails, access to the YouTube Partnership Program, Monetization of Gaming Content (Machinima) and maybe even licensing of audio tracks or movie trailers.

Over time this list of extras has diminished while the amount of MCNs have grown. Many are just companies looking to boost stats to look good to advertising companies and very few offer actual lasting support or benefits for the long term YouTuber.