How To Share YouTube Videos on Facebook – Best Way

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How To Share YouTube Videos on Facebook – Best Way

Best Way To Share YouTube Videos on Facebook — How To Tutorial // How To Share YouTube Videos on Facebook is the first question I was ever asked when I started YouTube Consulting. Sharing videos to facebook and sharing youtube videos on social media always seems to be confusing as all social networks fight for your attention and aim to keep you on their website above all others.

The BEST WAY to share your YouTube videos to Facebook…

1 — A GOOD TITLE or QUESTION — This need to be eye catching and draw people in. A question begs for engagement and needs to be answered.

2 — VIDEO LINK — You need to drive the viewer from Facebook onto YouTube to start the watch time session. If you can show YouTube that you can send people to the platform it will look more favourably on you.

3 — HASHTAGS — Facebook DOES use Hashtags. I know its more of a Instagram and Twitter thing but the hashtags help amplify your reach.

4 — VIDEO THUMBNAIL — Do not leave it up to Facebook to auto generate the video link. These video views will not count and the session watch time for youtube is not counted. GO BIG, GO BOLD, Go with a MASSIVE Image.

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