How To Get YouTube  — How To Convert Viewers Into Subscribers

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How To Get YouTube Subscribers — How To Convert Viewers Into Subscribers

How To Get YouTube Subscribers // Getting subscribers or converting views into subscribers as a new YouTuber can be hard. How To Get More YouTube Subscribers is a question I am asked every day but it’s more about how to get people to subscribe when they are watching your videos. Get YouTube Subscribers by doing some simple tips in all of your videos.

1 — ASK THEM — You need to ask people to subscribe to your channel to remind them to become a new YouTube subscriber

2 — HELP PEOPLE — Lead with value and answer their questions. Teach them something or solve a problem for them.

3 — FOCUS ON A NICHE — Drill down into what you are doing and get specific. Are you doing science? Drill down deep into a specific science eg Biology, Chemistry or Physics and then get more niched. Build up that reputation.

4 — ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE — Reply you comments. Ask them questions… keep the conversations going!

5 — COMMENT ON VIDEOS — Go out into the world of YouTube and star conversations on OTHER YOUTUBERS channels. DO NOT SPAM!

6 — SHARE YOUR VIDEOS — You need to spread your videos around the internet to build your spider web of influence!



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