Why YOU Are Getting VIEWS But NOT Subscribers – Get More Subscribers on YouTube

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Why YOU Are Getting VIEWS But NOT Subscribers – Get More Subscribers on YouTube

Why YOU Are Getting VIEWS But NOT Subscribers — Get More Subscribers on YouTube // How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2018. You may have the views but they don’t seem to be converting. Getting subscribers is always a balancing act of being entertaining enough to hook them and useful enough in their life to keep you and subscribe.

Many people ask me how to increase YouTube views but for some small youtubers its not views they find hard but trying to get those viewers to stick around and how to get YouTube subscribers in the first place.

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers from Views

1 — ARE YOUR VIDEOS CONSISTENT? — Do you talk about similar topics and have the same style or format of videos? It’s is good to have a consistent look and feel to your content. If you mix it up too much or throw up wildly different videos it could confuse your audience.

2 — WHAT NORMALLY GETS YOU YOUR SUBSCRIBERS? — Dive into your YouTube analytics to investigate what gets you your YouTube subscribers. There is normally a pattern on what type of videos give you views and what YouTube videos get your more subscribers. Now you know what they want to subscribe to, make more of those videos. NICHE down into that type of content to establish a channel theme.

3 — WHERE ARE THE VIEWS COMING FROM? — Dive into your analytics and try and see where you get your views from. Is it a certain playlist, a website or some search terms. Try and make a video that you know from point #2 it more likely to convert subscribers and make it about the thing that gets you views.

4 — STAND OUT, INJECT MORE OF YOURSELF INTO THE VIDEOS — Personality is what makes everyone unique on YouTube. If your videos are just list videos with voice overs or game play footage with minimal interaction then viewers might watch the video but not feel a personal connection enough to subscribe. Engage with your audience and be more YOU in the videos.

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