How To Deal With Haters and YouTube Trolls

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How To Deal With Haters and YouTube Trolls

How to deal with haters on YouTube and how to deal with hate comments, or trolls is a question I get asked all the time. Haters, hate comments and internet trolls have become commonplace in online communities but YouTube hater comments can actually help you.

YouTube hate comments and YouTube trolls tend to pick on looks, or videos randomly. Dealing with YouTube haters is a mind set and I suggest there are 3 ways to deal with YouTube haters.

1 – Ignore Them – They are only looking for a reaction or attention. They dont know who you are or how hard you’ve worked so their opinion doesn’t matter

2 – Reply to them – Replying to a hate comment can help you get a measure of revenge or even an apology.

3 – Encourage them! – Hate comments, dislikes and trolls are ENGAGING with your video and this can HELP you in YouTube search. Every interaction on a video good or bad is seen as a positive mark in the YouTube Algorithm



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