YouTuber Blog – Why YouTubers Need Their Own Website

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YouTuber Blog Website – Why YouTubers Need Their Own Website

YouTuber Blog Website – The Safe Place To Share Your Videos

YouTube is a very powerful tool for video creators and no one will argue that YouTube is the top site for video hosted content but why are YouTubers setting up their own YouTuber Blog Website as well?

YouTube has been a mainstay in the video world since 2006 when it was first conceived. The little known community that was initially there for videos of people at the zoo and then slowly over time cat videos and homework assignments has taken over the world and is now a dominant force. The only issue with this is CONTROL, what would you do if your channel was banned tomorrow?

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Why start a YouTuber Blog Website?

A YouTuber blog is a website that you the creator has full control over, you upload your own content, your own thoughts and can share anything you want. So what are the advantages of having your own WordPress YouTuber Blog?

  1. You Control Your YouTube Blog Website

    Your content, your blogs, your thoughts! With the YouTuber Blog Website being separate from the YouTube platform you will be able to control when you upload your content. You can still link your YouTube videos and playlists but you can also upload exclusive content without fear of it being restricted, flagged or taken down but sponsors.

  2. Build Your Non YouTube Audience On Your YouTube Blog Website

    YouTube is great for building audiences and getting your name out into their social platform. YouTube gives you a chance to upload content, optimise it properly and you might stand a chance to reach a like minded audience who will subscribe to you. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet and uploading to YouTube can really push a brand or individual. However, YouTube can also shackle you and take it away if you get things wrong.

    Use YouTube to build your non-YouTube audience, push them to your website! This is a great way to build up awareness that you also have a site. A great place to share news that can’t be put in video format and also even help build your newsletter list, all things great for marketing…

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  3. Monetize Your YouTuber Blog Website – Beat the #Adpocolypse Family Friendly Rules

    Your audience can be redirected to your site where you have control of the advertisements, products and services you wish to push. You can dedicate YouTube blogs articles to specific topics like equipment, movies, sports and team them up with affiliate links, amazon links or netflix memberships. This is your chance to make your slice of the pie without YouTube taking their 35% or worse case senario YouTube claiming your content is non advertiser friendly and blocking your content entirely from the advertising pool.

  4. Brand Awareness – The Power Of A YouTuber Blog Website

    The YouTuber Blog Website is YOURS and your audience is there for YOU! The website is dedicated to your thoughts, your hobbies and your BRAND for example – MrHairyBrit. This means the more they are aware that it exists the more engaged your hardcore audience can be. Overtime as you grow you could even add a forum which allows fans of your brand to chat and build their own community which can only help spread awareness of you and your content.

  5. Search Engine Optimisation and Growing Your YouTube Channel

    You dont have to ONLY use YouTube to grow your channel, your YouTuber Blog Website can help you as well. The best way for people to find your videos is to spread them around as much as possible – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc, but why? Other than the obvious answer that it’s more places for more eyeballs to find you, it’s also down to Search Engine Optimisation and the ability to rank in Search Results OUTSIDE of YouTube.

    If you are writing great blog posts on your YouTuber Blog Website. Making content and blogs that people want to read and share, it will get indexed by Google. This then means not only can they find that video on YouTube but they will also be able to search for your blogs and find your blogs in Google. Once you rank in Google people will read your articles/blog posts, see the related video links and hopefully subscribe.

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