YouTube On A Budget

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YouTube On A Budget

Starting YouTube on Budget is something we all face at some point. You dont have to spend through the nose to get started on YouTube, a cheap YouTube setup is all you need to start vlogging and making videos on a budget. Cheap vlogging equipment to start making videos cheaply on YouTube could even be in your hands right now.

Cheap YouTube recording equipment could be as simple as recording YouTube videos on your smartphone or recording your vlogs on your laptop with a webcam. I have been recording YouTube videos with my webcam for 4 years and I have never owned a DSLR. You don’t need to invest in expensive cameras to start creating videos on YouTube.

A basic beginners YouTube set up can be as simple as your smartphone camera, your webcam, the microphone headphones and simple youtube video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier Pro or even iMovie.

I have even done a Basic YouTube Equipment Tutorial video here –…



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