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8 Awesome Web Design Tips to Grab Your Visitors’ Attention

Powerful Web Design Tips When you’re designing your website, one of the first things to consider is how you will grab your visitors’ attention. For example, your homepage, header and template are just some of the aspects of your site that you can customize to really leave a lasting impression. You can use animation, parallax scrolling and lightboxes to really wow and…

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YouTuber Blog Website – Why YouTubers Need Their Own Website

YouTuber Blog Website - The Safe Place To Share Your Videos YouTube is a very powerful tool for video creators and no one will argue that YouTube is the top site for video hosted content but why are YouTubers setting up their own YouTuber Blog Website as well? YouTube has been a mainstay in the video world since 2006 when…

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Get Advertiser Friendly #Adpocalypse – Advertising Guidelines & Monetization on YouTube

Are You YouTube Advertiser Friendly? In 2012, YouTube began de-monetizing non advertiser friendly videos based on new advertising-friendly guidelines. This is not done by people, but by an algorithm that looked at the metadata of videos and other factors to decide whether it is likely to be something an advertiser wouldn’t want to be associated with. Over the last five years, this advertiser…

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How Do YouTube Adverts Work?

How does the YouTube decide which YouTube Adverts play on your videos? Turns out YouTube Adverts work a lot like Google and Facebook ads do. Like on other free sites, the advertisers help fund the YouTube experience in return for exposure to ads. You'll see certain ads over others because of your demographic groups, your interests (which is judged in…

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