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Video SEO – YouTube Video Search Engine Optimisation

Video SEO or YouTube Video Search Optimisation is the most important thing about ranking your YouTube Video. YouTube Video SEO tips helps teach YouTube what your video is about and where to rank your video compared to other related videos. YouTube Tips and Video SEO Tips #SEO #VideoSEO Video SEO basics are based on 3 core areas. VIDEO TITLE…

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3 Types Of Content YOUR Channel Needs To Grow – Hub, Help and Hero Content

Hub Content, Help Content and Hero Content Videos are the 3 Type Of Content YOUR Channel Needs To Grow. Hub content is focused on you channels core audience for example daily vlogs, regular news or vlogs. Help Content are YouTube Videos designed to teach viewers something, a list, a lesson or a tutorial. Hero Content is when you go…

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Topical Viral Trends vs Evergreen Video Content

Evergreen videos or evergreen content vs Topical trending videos, viral trends and pop culture videos. Evergreen videos aim to plant the seed for slower but long term growth while topical trending viral topic videos aim to ride the wave and gain rapid growth but does not guarantee a long life span. WHAT IS EVERGREEN CONTENT? - Evergreen content is…

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Clickbait or Click Worthy – How To Use Clickbait 2.0

Clickbait or Click Worthy? Clickbait has a very bad name on YouTube but if you can make Clickbait into Click Worthy content then you've mastered Clickbait 2.0! Clickbait 2.0 is the mix between clickbait content that promises something and click worthy which delivers the content. So why not make LOUD SHOUTY CLICKBAIT TITLES and pack real helpful CLICK WORTHY…

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