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YouTube Updates its Harassment Policy – What Does That Mean For You?

Bullies, Hate Speech and Implied violence - The new YouTube Harassment Policy now addresses the slightly grey side of YouTube comments and content. In an update announced on 12 Dec 2019, YouTube are being stricter with users who make threatening content and users commenting with abusive comments as well. Policy Update - Over the last several years we…

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YouTube COPPA Explained! COPPA Questions? Need help with all this scary news and rules. Today I answer all your FTC YouTube and COPPA questions in a COPPA Questions Q&A. Dont get caught out, get the COPPA 2020 Law Explained. COPPA FTC   ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW PLAYLIST - TC and COPPA changes means that the FTC want…

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How To Get 10000 Subscribers on YouTube 2020

How To Get 10000 Subscribers on YouTube 2020 - You can get youtube subscribers 2020 by doubling down on what already works for you and amplifying your content. It took me just over 29 months to start a youtube channel and grow it to 10K subs. Today I share with you how I did that and add some juice tips…

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