Video SEO – YouTube Video Search Engine Optimisation

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Video SEO – YouTube Video Search Engine Optimisation

Video SEO or YouTube Video Search Optimisation is the most important thing about ranking your YouTube Video. YouTube Video SEO tips helps teach YouTube what your video is about and where to rank your video compared to other related videos. YouTube Tips and Video SEO Tips #SEO #VideoSEO

Video SEO basics are based on 3 core areas.

VIDEO TITLE – Using Video SEO you need to make sure your title includes the keyword(s) you are looking to rank for. For example this video I have optimised for “Video SEO” and so the keywords are at the front of the video title.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION – In Video SEO the description can be one of the most powerful part to help your video rank higher. You are allowed up to 5000 characters in a YouTube Video SEO description. This is very important metadata that YouTube indexes to help understand what the video is about. Make sure to use the keyword you are wishing to rank for as well as relevant and related keywords. This helps YouTube and Google decide how you should rank and what your video is about.

VIDEO TAGS – Video SEO Tags are the baseline for everything previously mentioned. If you distil your Video Title and Video Description into Tags then it ties it all together into a well optimised package. Make sure you use the keywords from the title, the keywords from the description as well as category based tags. For more information of how to tag your video properly why not check out my “3 Levels Of YouTube Tags” video



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