Topical Viral Trends vs Evergreen Video Content

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Topical Viral Trends vs Evergreen Video Content

Evergreen videos or evergreen content vs Topical trending videos, viral trends and pop culture videos. Evergreen videos aim to plant the seed for slower but long term growth while topical trending viral topic videos aim to ride the wave and gain rapid growth but does not guarantee a long life span.

WHAT IS EVERGREEN CONTENT? – Evergreen content is content that is always relevant—much like the way evergreen trees retain their leaves all year around. Interesting and relevant content that does not become dated is necessary in order to be found online by search engines.

WHAT IS TOPICAL CONTENT? – Topical content is timely, relevant content that relates to something current. The obvious advantages to this type of content are that it’s of-the-moment and usually, highly searchable. While topical content is great for achieving a temporary spike in traffic, it tends to have a fleeting appeal.



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