The BRUTAL Truth About YouTube (RANT)

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The BRUTAL Truth About YouTube (RANT)

There is a truth about youtube that many people might not understand. They look at the high flyers on the platform and assume it’s an easy climb to easy money with no dedication. Many people still shrug their shoulders “YouTube isn’t a real job” because they are not aware of the hard work it takes to carve out a little community for your own personal channel. Today I sit down and get honest and raw with you – sharing my experience of the rollercoaster that with YouTuber life.

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It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to grow a YouTube channel and/or any social media brand. If you are looking to start and grow on any social media platform you need to look YEARS into the future to plan your goals, your niche, your content and your growth strategy.

I was a web developer for 11+ years. I have balanced being a blogger, Facebook group owner, YouTube content creator, YouTube channel manager and video editor for nearly 7 of those years. I finally started my YouTube Tutorials channel in July 2017. HOURS of recording, editing, designing thumbnails, researching niches and keywords have FINALLY led to a growing YouTube channel that brings me clients and opportunities.

YOU CAN grow a social media brand and with enough time, effort, patience and commitment. YOU CAN in time stack the deck in your favour… just don’t bet your entire life on a “get rich quick” scheme.