Are YOU Tagging Your YouTube Videos Properly? – 3 Levels Of YouTube Tags

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Are YOU Tagging Your YouTube Videos Properly? – 3 Levels Of YouTube Tags

YouTube SEO and YouTube Video SEO is all about the 3 Levels Of YouTube Tags or a youtube tags generator. YouTube Tags in 2017 are a very important tool to help rank your youtube videos and teaches the YouTube Algorithm what your video is about. Tagging your youtube videos with video tags with the 3 levels of YouTube Tags will help YouTube understand what your video is about, what your youtube video should be related to and when to suggest your youtube video based on your SEO tags and YouTube SEO video tags.

Alan Spicer discusses Video Optimisation and Video Tags. Video Tagging is part of YouTube best practices and Search Engine Optimisation. SEO helps rank your video on Google and sets where your video is ranked on YouTube search results. The better you rank with your video tags the better you video does – get more video views and get more youtube subscribers.



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