Perfection Is YOUR Enemy — YouTube Productivity #RANT

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Perfection Is YOUR Enemy — YouTube Productivity #RANT

Perfection Is YOUR Enemy — YouTube Productivity #RANT // Churchill once said — Perfection is the Enemy of Progress! Quality vs Quality is an argument we all have with ourselves but the search for perfection maybe slowing you down and harming the growth of your channel. If you don’t get out there and #StartCreating then you will always be stuck tweaking and waiting for perfection. Just get it uploaded and you can remake it in a few months time if you feel you can do better.

Stop Delaying, Start Creating —

“When I get this content perfect, then I’ll share it with people.” “When I retire, then I’ll get to (do all the things I’ve been putting off for the last 35 years).”

Perfection(ism) — as Winston best put it, is the enemy of progress. When we decide we want to try something new, the opportunity and fear of failure and rejection come knocking. Should we let them in? Heck yes. Should we let them stop us. Heck no. And that’s where great things happen. At the end of fear.

“The person who fails the most, wins.” -Seth Godin.

You know whats really cool about fear? It’s in our control. You get to decide whether you take advantage of this control or let that fear control you. This is what defines your path.