How To Get More Views FAST

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How To Get More Views FAST

How To Get More Views on YouTube FAST – How To Get More Views Fast – Getting more views fast on YouTube is the holy grail for some YouTubers. Getting more views faster with TubeBuddy, or getting more video views fast is all down to laying the foundation work and pushing the right topical content.

There is not sure fire way to get more views fasts, get more youtube video views fast in 2018 but if you apply 4 tips to your videos you increase your chance of getting rapid real and free fast youtube views.

1 — Quality SEO Foundation — Make sure you focus on a key phrase in the titles, description and tags. Make sure the thumbnail is EYE CATCHING!

2 — AGGRESSIVELY Attack Trends — Is Pokemon Go the new thing? Make 5–10 videos about that topic within a 1–2 week period, optimise the video and chase that trend. You might get related video traffic and explode.

3 — Predict Trends — There is always a new trend to ride, you just have to find it. Some trends are predictable — Christmas, New Year. Spring Fashion, Summer Hauls…

4 — REACT To Topics — Have an opinion on what’s going on. Has your favourite celeb just been caught up in the news? Is there a YouTuber being an idiot? RAGE about it or LAUGH about it.


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