5 Ways To Increase YouTube Watch Time

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5 Ways To Increase YouTube Watch Time

Increase YouTube Watch Time to help you rank your youtube videos better in search. How to increase youtube video watch time is a topic many small youtubers need help with. YouTube video retention and video watch time is a very important metric in the YouTube Algorithm that determines youtube search results. Bet more watch time and you get more views on youtube, get more views on youtube and you get more subscribers on youtube.

5 Ways To Increase YouTube Watch Time

1 – Increase YouTube Watch Time with Card Annotations – YouTube Cards help nudge viewers into watching other videos, playlists and related content. Why not guide them to where you want them to go, retain their attention and increase session watch time.

2 – Increase YouTube Watch Time with Thumbnail Branding – Make i easier for people to identify your content in search results and related suggested videos. This will help people find you and builds up a recognisable brand for loyal viewers to support.

3 – Increase YouTube Watch Time with Playlists – Playlists is a great way to increase session time and youtube video watch time. Adding a video to a playlist teaches YouTube that those videos are related and should be suggested together in future.

4 – Increase YouTube Watch Time by suggesting other related YouTubers – If a fellow YouTuber does similar content or can add value to your video by being related why not link them. Yes they may stop watching you videos but you are extending session watch time and YouTube will reward you for that.

5 – Increase YouTube Watch Time by being Social! – YouTube is not just a video platform, is is a SOCIAL NETWORK. You can increase your youtube watch time ut engaging people in your video comment sections, answer questions and get to know your viewers…. breed friendship and loyalty!


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