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Clickbait or Click Worthy – How To Use Clickbait 2.0

Clickbait or Click Worthy? Clickbait has a very bad name on YouTube but if you can make Clickbait into Click Worthy content then you've mastered Clickbait 2.0! Clickbait 2.0 is the mix between clickbait content that promises something and click worthy which delivers the content. So why not make LOUD SHOUTY CLICKBAIT TITLES and pack real helpful CLICK WORTHY…

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Feel More Confident On Camera

How To Feel More Comfortable On Camera and Feel More Confident is a question that all new youtubers have to learn. Roberto Blake says all the time, being comfortable on camera or getting comfortable on camera is all down to practice. The more you make videos the more confident you will be on camera. ► SUBSCRIBE FOR REGULAR YOUTUBE…

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How To Deal With Haters and YouTube Trolls

How to deal with haters on YouTube and how to deal with hate comments, or trolls is a question I get asked all the time. Haters, hate comments and internet trolls have become commonplace in online communities but YouTube hater comments can actually help you. YouTube hate comments and YouTube trolls tend to pick on looks, or videos randomly.…

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Are YOU Tagging Your YouTube Videos Properly? – 3 Levels Of YouTube Tags

YouTube SEO and YouTube Video SEO is all about the 3 Levels Of YouTube Tags or a youtube tags generator. YouTube Tags in 2017 are a very important tool to help rank your youtube videos and teaches the YouTube Algorithm what your video is about. Tagging your youtube videos with video tags with the 3 levels of YouTube Tags…

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