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How Do YouTube Adverts Work?

How does the YouTube decide which YouTube Adverts play on your videos? Turns out YouTube Adverts work a lot like Google and Facebook ads do. Like on other free sites, the advertisers help fund the YouTube experience in return for exposure to ads. You'll see certain ads over others because of your demographic groups, your interests (which is judged in…

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How To Live Stream On YouTube – YouTube Live Streaming

Live Stream On YouTube to boost viewer engagement Live streaming video has been a big topic of conversation for the past few years. Live Stream On YouTube has seen massive growth, especially in the past few years with the advent of Twitter's Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram live videos. Live streaming on YouTube is a little more complex (and confusing)…

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Royalty Free Music For YouTube – YouTube Audio Library

Royalty Free Music from YouTube Audio Library Want to add some cool sound effects or music to your YouTube video (or any video)? Royalty Free Music, YouTube is there for you. It has a whole library of high-quality, 320kbps audio tracks and sound effects that you can download royalty-free and add to your videos. (Or listen to in your free…

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How To Add YouTube End Screens and Mobile Cards

Increase Video Engagement with YouTube End Screens and Cards Over the last 10 years mobile browsing has seen a huge shift towards mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. New websites are now built with Responsive Website Design in mind to maximise the traffic engagement you can get from mobile smart device users. YouTube has also seen a massive boost…

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